innovation africa bringing israeli innovation to african villages
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In the past 9 years, Innovation: Africa has brought Israeli solar and agricultural technologies to African villages.

we have installed 104 projects in 7 countries impacting over 750,000 people





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Who we are

We are a team of dedicated problem solvers with a mission to bring Israeli solutions and know-how to those in need living in rural African villages. We are using solar energy to pump clean water and provide schools, orphanages and medical clinics with light and refrigeration to store vaccines and medicines.

We use solar energy to pump water from the aquifers providing clean water to villages for the first time


What we do

From Israel, we bring and install drip irrigation allowing villagers to grow more food with less water, even in times of drought

We use solar energy to power Medical Centers providing light inside and outside as well as refrigeration to store medicines and vaccines for the first time

 We use solar energy to power schools and orphanages providing light and allowing students to study under the light for the first time


innovation africa bringing israeli innovation to african villages

What makes us different

Our goal isn’t only to bring solar energy to rural communities, but to transform rural healthcare and education, and provide rural communities with tools they need to lift themselves out of poverty.

We employ local managers that are native to the countries in which we are working, who speak local languages and are experienced working in rural settings.

local teams

We educate and train local communities about solar energy, system care and their accountability in the maintenance of their own project.

community partnerships

In every project we help the community to create a micro-business to generate enough money to replace lightbulbs and other ongoing costs.


We are able to remotely monitor all of our solar systems thanks to our Israeli technologies, allowing us to make sure that our systems are operating properly at all times.

remote monitoring

Innovation: Africa at the United Nations: A GLOBAL MOVEMENT

In 2012, Innovation: Africa was granted Special Consultative Status to the United Nations Economic and Social Council, marking us as one of a select group of NGO’s that have access to UN meetings at the highest level, and can participate in global discussions on the needs of rural communities.


 In 2013, we were awarded the UN Innovation Award at the United Nation’s Global South-South Development Expo, recognizing our self-sustaining model to transform lives using Israeli innovation.


UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has named this the decade of sustainable energy for all, and we are honored to be an active member and part of a global movement working towards achieving universal electrification by 2030.


Our Work with the United Nations


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