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Want to Pledge to Solar Power a Village of Your Own?

Read below about others who adopted their own village and even traveled to the field with Innovation: Africa’s team to attend the solar installation while celebrating with the entire community the benefits of Israeli technology for the first time















$28,000 to power Buwumba Health
Center and a portion of the water project
in Buwumba Village impacting nearly
9,000 people since 2018

GALLERY<>Audrey Weinerx




















Audrey Weiner
& Jeffrey Solomon











Raised $50,000 to bring access to clean water to Bumayi Village impacting 1,400 people in Uganda since 2019






















Community Center











Raised $18,700 for his Bar Mitzvah

to power Bukalikha Primary School impacting 1,000 students in 2017





















Eytan Kramer











$18,000 to power Nansanga Primary School with light for over 1,000 students

in Uganda since 2019





















Chapman Family






















$200,000 toward providing clean

water to 5 villages in Uganda: Bukaduka Village, Nyanza Village, Afya Village, \Budunyi Village and soon to be

completed Chiyanika Village in Zambia altogether impacting over 15,000

people since 2016


GALLERY<>Morton Williamsx































Morton Williams






$104,000 to power 4 villages in Malawi including pumping water
and solar energy: Maoni Water Project, Chiona Secondary School, Mtimabii Health Center and Mbonechela Primary School impacting over 44,000 people
since 2019






















Mayberg Family












$50,000 toward providing clean water

to Lukhonge Village impacting 5,000 people in January 2015

GALLERY<>Paula Resnickx




















Paula Resnick











$100,000 to provide access to clean
water for 7,000 people across two
villages in Tanzania: Mwinyi Village and Ndebwe Village since 2018





















Water 4 Mercy






Raised $24,000 for his Bar Mitzvah
to power Buwumba Primary
School empowering over 980 students & The Lustman Family brought access to clean water
to Buwumba Village impacting
1,500 people since 2018






















Ranan Lustman & Lustman Family

It’s easy, fun and you can make an immediate impact

by adopting and bringing Israeli solar energy to your own project.  Email us and we will share with you a list of villages waiting.

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