Over 600 million African people live without electricity. Without power, they cannot light schools, pump clean water, or refrigerate essential medicines and vaccines. But using Israeli innovation, we all have the power to help. That's why Innovation: Africa launched the birthday campaign--to give everyone the chance to make a difference.


In place of the presents we all get each year, join us and start your campaign today. Together, we’ll light a continent one birthday at a time.

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When Yasmin gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in August of 2009, she couldn't help thinking of mothers in Africa--how they give birth in the dark at night, how their children lack access to medicines and vaccines. That's why she launched Project Sammy. With the support of family and friends, Yasmin was able to sponsor the Budwale Health Center, in honor of her son, Sammy, bringing better healthcare and opportunity to mothers and their children in Budwale Village, Uganda.

Budwale Health Center is run by Dr. Tom Nasufwa. Located over 15km from the nearest town, the clinic is cut off from other villages by rough, mountainous terrain. On our first site visit to the project, Dr. Nasufwa was very clear in his beliefs that solar could save lives. “I wish my health center is considered to have solar power," he said, "in order to save mothers in labor at night." This health center sees over 25 patients a day, many of whom are women seeking maternity services. Nighttime births have always been a problem at Budwale--the faint light of kerosene lamps is insufficient to deal with labor complications, and many lives have been lost as a result. Now, with solar energy, not only can the doctor deliver children and treat patients safely at night, but we have installed a solar powered refrigerator as well. Proper refrigeration will allow the thousands of children in and around Budwale to receive vaccinations against preventable disease, providing them with the opportunity for the long, healthy life they deserve.






This is Dara. When Dara was getting ready to celebrate her birthday two years ago, she chose to join the Innovation: Africa birthday campaign. She sent out emails, threw a fundraiser and even got a corporate sponsor. Now, thanks to Dara and the success of her birthday campaign, 300 orphans have access to a brighter future. Click on her project to find out what happened with the funds raised from Dara's birthday campaign.

Kaliro orphanage was built as a place where orphans could live, study and work towards a better future. But located miles from the electrical grid, all of the orphanage's services ended at sunset. Orphans were not allowed to use candles for fear of fire, so they would go to sleep each night alone and in the dark. Thanks to Dara's birthday campaign, we provided the orphans of Kaliro with Israeli solar technology. Teachers began running extra curricular programs and homework help sessions in the evenings. Children began doing better on their exams and reading in their dormitories each night before bed. The 300 orphans of Kaliro now have a brighter future thanks to Dara and her campaign.


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