Introducing Chibwe Village located in Chamwino District of Tanzania.

This entire village depends on a local natural well as their main source of water. During the dry season, people walk more than 4 hours searching for water.

During the rainy season, people must dig across the small river to fetch water. The water is dirty but people use it anyways -- they don’t have an option.

Our team spent time with one of the elderly women of Chibwe Village who lives by herself in this tiny room. She shared with us her life story and how she is struggling to get water. Because she is very old, the only items she is able to carry are 2 separate gallons of water 5 liters each. But only once or twice a week. She isn't able to go everyday because of the distance and she's becoming weaker and weaker. During the dry season, she goes weeks without having a shower and days without consuming water.

But soon the lives of these community members will forever be transformed. Our local team of engineers, field officers and contractors have started to drill into the aquifer in order to unleash the clean water that is trapped beneath their feet. We will build and install water taps throughout the community, allowing clean water to travel up to 6km across the village in every direction.


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