24 Projects Completed

Iyoli Water Project

Total Impact: 3,900

Date of Installation: May 2018

Donor: Majesky Family

Summary: Iyoli Village was initially brought to our attention by a friend of the organization. When we traveled to see the conditions of how community members were living, we knew that we had to help them. Although Iyoli Village had a borehole in the past, unfortunately, it completely dried up. Because of this, they were required to walk over 5KM to a river and get water, however during the dry season, the river wasn’t a river at all. There was absolutely zero water. Women and children were forced to dig in the dried up river bed to get water, which is contaminated with dirt and diseases. These people are also required to pay for the water they are getting, however the water they are receiving is not drinkable. Although these people were suffering, the people of Iyoli Village are now enjoying clean, sweet water for the first time, thanks to Israeli technologies & Innovation: Africa!

Bumbuta HC

Total Impact: 12,277

Date of Installation: May 2018

Donor: Shapiro Family

Summary: Bumbuta Health Center is the main clinic for 4 surrounding villages. This particular village is located over 80KM from the nearest town, and 50KM from the nearest road. Due to limited access to gas deliveries, the clinic can sometimes go up to 10 days without gas, meaning that they have to transport all of their vaccines to another clinic that has electricity, which is about 30KM away.  Because of this, everyone who needs vaccines within these 4 villages are not able to receive them. Due to the solar power that Innovation: Africa was able to install, now on average 10 patients who arrive to Bumbuta clinic during the night will be able to get the care that they deserve, with lights and all!

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