We're glad to see Kwesi smiling. When we first met him, his uniform was not as clean, his grades were poor, and his tuition was not always paid. Without light at home or in his school, and without money for candles or kerosene lamps, studying for exams and doing homework was nearly impossible after dark.


One year later, the Innovation: Africa staff met Kwesi again. His family lives in Putti Village, Uganda, where we have used solar technologies to provide electricity to the local primary school and build a solar powered water pump.


Now, Kwesi stays late at school each night to do his homework. He scored the highest in his class on his end of year exams. Even his uniform is new. His parents are farmers, and thanks to the year round irrigation provided by Innovation: Africa's water pump, they've been able to sell crops at the local market even during the dry season. They earned enough money to buy Kwesi a proper uniform, and to enroll their daughter, Afua, in school for the first time.


The future is bright for Kwesi and his family.

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