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Individuals & Families

Larry and Millie Magid

Larry and Millie Magid traveled with our team twice to the villages. They adopted and powered Iki-Iki Primary School, Watsemba Primary School and Nasenyi Drip Irrigation. They also delivered mattresses to Kaliro Orphanage and solar systems to light the dormitories of Buvundya Orphanage as well as construction of a new classroom block, impacting a total of nearly 3,000 people.

Paula Resnick

Donated a Solar Water Project for her Birthday

Lukhonge Water Project, Uganda

5,000 people impacted

8 water taps installed throughout the village

January 2015

David Campbell

Solar Powered a School & Dormitories

Bwibere Primary School, Uganda

1,364 students impacted

May 31st, 2016

Jordan Magid

Built and Solar Powered a School

Buwakhanyinywi Primary School
“The Jordan School”,


224 students impacted

June 2015

It’s easy, fun and you can make an immediate impact

by adopting and bringing Israeli solar energy to your own project.  Email us and we will share with you a list of villages waiting.