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innovation: africa

Another UN Success for Innovation: Africa

December 4, 2013

Paul Singer Family Foundation Partners with Innovation: Africa to Scale Up U.S. Programs

October 21, 2013

Innovation: Africa Speaks at Brookings Institute, CSIS and UN Foundation Event onWomen in Energy and Water

March 5, 2014

Innovation: Africa Granted Special Consultative Status to the UN

July 30, 2012

Innovation: Africa Announces Partnership with Trina Solar

May 29, 2011

Innovation: Africa launches operations in fourth country in under four years

February 18, 2011

Innovation: Africa founder Sivan Borowich Ya’ari to speak at the
Eilat International Clean Tech Conference

February 17, 2011

Innovation: Africa provides Polio vaccine to over 10,000 Ugandans during recent outbreak

January 7, 2011

Innovation: Africa announces renewable energy partnership with SolarEdge

March 25, 2010

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