innovation africa granted special consultative status to the united nations economics and social council ecosoc

is proud to announce that we've officially been granted Special Consultative Status to the


what is special consultative status

Special Consultative Status gives select non-profit organizations access to nearly all inter-governmental activities at the UN dealing with economic and social development. It was created to allow civil society to play an active role in UN activities.


We were among the 241 organizations accepted out of 624 applicants in 2012. The decision to include us was unanimous by all members of the Council.

Innovation: Africa will now have access to all meetings of ECOSOC as well as other UN agencies and special events organized by the President and Secretary General. Seven representatives of Innovation: Africa will be granted annual passes for access to UN premises. We'll also have short-term and group passes for our supporters as well.


The application process took 18 months. Innovation: Africa board member and Former Ambassador of Zambia to the UN and European Union Isaiah Z. Chabala advised us on the process and attended every meeting of the Council on our behalf. All costs related to the application process were generously funded by board member Steven Ackerman, who will be the first to receive one of our seven passes.

innovation africa at the united nations
Ambassador Isaiah Z. Chabala Former Ambassador of Zambia to the UN and EU, iA Board Member.


Isaiah Z. Chabala

Former Ambassador of

Zambia to the UN and EU,

iA Board Member.

“This is a truly momentous milestone in our organization’s short span, and a significant moment of recognition for our life-saving, empowering and humanitarian mission,” said Ambassador Chabala. "Innovation: Africa is making an invaluable and lasting contribution to the people of Africa and to the realization of the Millennium Development Goals as well."

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