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Innovation: Africa is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that brings Israeli solar, water and agricultural technologies to rural African villages. Since 2008, using Israeli solar and water technology, Innovation: Africa has delivered access to clean water and light to over 4 million people across 10 African countries.



4 Million




The main challenge in most African countries is the lack of access to energy required to pump water and power schools and medical centers.

Still today, 620 million Africans live without access to electricity.

With no Energy there is

no water

no electricity

no vaccines

With solar energy we


Power solar refrigerators to properly store vaccines and medicines.

Bring light to medical clinics and to the homes of the nurses and doctors.

Drill and pump clean water from below the ground in the aquifers

Bring light and install computers in the classrooms.

See the 8 steps to build a solar water pumping system

Step by Step


And we track everything live

Transparency and

Besides gathering frequent evaluation reports, videos, photos and testimonies from our local staff in seven countries, our donors are able to remotely monitor and track live each solar system, thanks to our unique Israeli designed & UN awarded Remote Monitoring System. Should something break in the system or need a repair, our team receives SMS alerts allowing us to fix the problem immediately.

Award, Press
& Endorsement

Since 2012, Innovation: Africa has a Special Consultative Status at The United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and has received multiple awards, including the “Innovation Award” from the UN.

Our Team & Board


Innovation Africa has heart but also expertise and experience.  Adopt your own village and travel with our team.

To power a solar water pumping system

Adopt, solar power and pump clean water to an entire village with 10-15 taps throughout the village



To power an orphanage
or school.

Adopt, solar power and name your own school or orphanage including laptops, mattresses, desks, and a projector


To power a medical center.

Adopt, solar power and name your own medical center including a solar refrigerator, mattresses and medical equipment


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All activities conducted in Israel are done through Innovation Africa Israel Ltd., an Israeli charitable company.