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From renewable energy to agriculture to IT and more, Israel is a leader in the global innovation sector. In Africa, these innovations have the power to save lives. With similar climates and natural resources, Israeli solar, water and agricultural technologies are a natural fit for African villages. Our mission is to share the knowledge and expertise developed in Israel with people and communities that need it.


Former Ambassador Ron Prosor

Head of the Abba Eban Institute for International Diplomacy in IDC Herzliya Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy & Strategy, and Former Ambassador of Israel to the United Nations



"The amazing work that Innovation: Africa is doing serves as an inspiration to all Israelis. This is the face of Israel that I am so proud to represent in the halls of the United Nations"

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Here's a look at some of the latest innovations behind Innovation: Africa

There's one thing everyone wants to know about our projects: how do we know that they're working? We use a custom designed remote monitoring system built by Israeli engineer Meir Yaacoby that collects data from our solar systems and sends that information to an online server that we can access from any computer, anywhere in the world. We know how much energy our projects are producing and consuming, we can predict problems before they start and we can protect the investments of our donors, keeping our systems strong and ensuring that they provide our communities with the energy they need and deserve.


tracking our systems from across the world


teaching technology in the village

We just installed our first Israeli manufactured computer at Mngwangwa Primary School in Malawi. This ultra durable, compact, low-cost and energy efficient computer by Compulab is already offering students the opportunity to learn IT skills in their village, all powered by solar energy. With the success of this pilot, we'll begin providing Compulab computers to all of our solar powered schools next year.


preventing theft at minimal cost

Karnaf patented what might just be the simplest and most cost effective tool for theft prevention on the market. It's a small metal device that locks the panels to one another and the roof, making them nearly impossible to steal without heavy machinery unlikely to be found in our rural communities. We haven't had a single instance of theft since installing these locks. And the best part: each one is less than $20.


fighting hunger and promoting economic growth

Almost 50 years after the success of their first drip irrigation system, Netafim is still a world leader in growing more crops with less water. We bring their irrigation systems to rural communities, where people are dependent on agriculture for both food and income. Even in times of drought, Netafim technology helps farmers grow the crops they need to feed their families and to sell in local markets.

Bring solutions straight from Israel to save lives

We never stop looking for the latest technologies that can help to change lives. We've reached nearly 1 million people so far, but there's much more work to be done, and we look forward to doing it together.


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All activities conducted in Israel are done through Innovation Africa Israel Ltd., an Israeli charitable company.