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For people in Africa, access to Israeli solar energy can change everything.


See for yourself the life 
changing impact.

620 million people in Africa, twice the size of the United States, lack access to electricity.

Many of them have never seen a lightbulb.





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This Means

Nurses are treating people in the dark and there is no refrigeration to store vaccines and medicines

Only 34% of health facilities have reliable electricity access in sub-Saharan Africa

Students are using candles and kerosene lamps in their classrooms

Only 35% of students have electricity in their classrooms

People do not have access to clean water because there is no energy to pump it up from the aquifers

900 children per day, one child every two minutes, dies from water-borne diseases

Yet, there is plenty

of sun.

With Israeli solar energy technology, we are solving it and fast. We are combating the lack of clean water, education, hunger and disease. How?

In schools and orphanages, we install solar panels to allow children to study under the light of solar energy. After installation, we’ve seen graduation rates triple in primary and secondary schools.

With our solar pumps we are using solar energy to pump water that is trapped below the ground in the aquifers in regions where there is drought and hunger. Our Solar Water Pumping Systems provide over 20,000 liters of clean water per day per village. Throughout the village, there is enough water for drinking and for the drip irrigation systems that we bring from Israel, allowing families to grow more food with less water.

In medical clinics, we install solar panels to replace kerosene lamps with energy saver lightbulbs in each room, providing healthcare workers and patients proper medical care they deserve. The energy from the solar panels allow for refrigeration to properly store vaccines and medicines for the first time. After solar installation, women seeking maternal health care has increased by over 400%.

What Makes Us Different

Not only do we hire and train locals to construct and maintain the solar and water systems, but thanks to our Israeli innovation, our donors and our team are able to track and monitor all of our solar systems remotely. This technology guarantees our donors that our systems will be working for many years to come.