innovation: africa


3 Projects

20,620 People Impacted

Chiyanika Village

Total Impact: 1,440

Date of Installation: January 2020

Donor: Kaner Family (Morton Williams Supermarket)

Summary: Chiyanika Village is located in the extremely remote district of Kazungula, 77 kilometers from Livingstone, Zambia. The village is home to 1,440 people. The community relies on one open water source for all their domestic needs: drinking, cooking, and bathing. This water is extremely contaminated, causing many waterborne illnesses such as Cholera and diarrhea. The Southern Province of Zambia saw very little rainfall for nearly two years, leading to near drought and famine. Chiyanika Village was one of the communities greatly affected; women and children were forced to eat leaves off the trees for survival. In January 2020, as the first water project Innovation: Africa completed in Zambia, with the generous support of the Kaner Family, a solar water pumping system was installed in Chiyanika Village. For the first time in their lives, 1,440 women, children, and families had access to clean and safe water at all times of the day and night! Since this time, numerous female-led initiatives have been established such as gardens to grow produce for the community which provide both food security as well as economic stability. Today, and for generations to come, families in Chiyanika Village will live healthier and more secure lives.

Kauwe Secondary School (Special Project)

Total Impact: 180 students

Date of installation: November 2019

Donor: Jesse Menashe & Ivywake

Summary: Kauwe Secondary School is located 155 kilometers from Livingstone, Zambia. Connected to Kauwe Primary School, the building of the secondary school was an initiative taken by the community out of concern for the wellbeing of their children and to ensure their continued education. Students trying to pursue their education, were leaving home at only the ages of fourteen and fifteen, being exposed to dangerous situations, especially girls, resulting in many not completing high school. By contributing funds, Kauwe Secondary School was built and is now the only existing secondary school for over 60 kilometers. In order the school to open, the government required access to safe water for the students on site. In November 2019, Innovation: Africa, thanks to the generosity of Jesse and the Menashe Family as well as Ivywake, installed a hand pump at Kauwe Secondary School, enabling the school to officially open! In January 2020, Kauwe Secondary School opened with its first semester! In the upcoming school year, the school expect 180 students to enroll. This project will be empowering thousands of students for generations to come.