Innovation: Africa has completed over 700 solar and water projects across 10 Africa countries impacting the lives of over 3 million people.

innovation africa bringing israeli innovation to african villages

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Innovation: Africa has two types of projects

iA Water


innovation africa bringing israeli innovation to african villages

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Water Projects

Bringing clean water to an entire village in Africa with up to 10,000 people for $55,000 including the drilling, the solar pump, solar panels, tanks, piping up to 8 Km, taps and the construction of a 10-meter tower and Israeli remote monitoring

Solar Projects

Bringing light for schools and medical centers total cost of $20,000.


In rural schools, Innovation: Africa brings light to all classrooms and teachers homes as well as desks and computers for the first time. In medical centers, Innovation: Africa brings light, a solar refrigerator, beds, and medical equipment.