Agelina is 56 years old and lives with her husband and her 4 grandchildren. Angelina shared her story with our local team about her struggle fetching water in the village.

She said, “I used to wake up at 4 am and walk for three hours to reach the water source, it was very far and scary too, to walk in darkness. But we don’t have a choice, we need water. It’s our only option of surviving. Once I reach the water source, I have to wait because of the que. Sometimes I can wait one to two hours to get water, and come back at home very late. Most of the time I fail to prepare a meal for my sick husband and my grandchildren because I spent so much time searching for water or waiting in the que, rather than taking care of my family.”

Angelina added, “I have been living this life almost all of my life. We struggle to get water, which is neither clean nor safe. But now, it’s like a dream come true. We give a big thanks to Innovation: Africa and our donors, The Field Family, for bringing us water.

Since I was born, I never imagined I would see the day when we would receive a tap or taste clean water. It is my first time to even open a tap myself, fetch, and drink clean and safe water. It’s a miracle.

I don’t have to walk three hours anymore. I have a water tap near my house – just a few steps away. I have more time to take care of my sick husband and my grandchildren. I also have time for myself to relax and get some sleep in the morning as I know we have a lot of water everywhere.

Thanks to the Field family who are like angels for us. Thank you for changing all of our lives - most importantly, our children and grandchildren. Our lives will never be the same. Welcome to Mkandamize Field Family, you are always most welcome.



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