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400 million people in sub-Saharan Africa lack access to basic drinking water. It is 1 in 3 African citizens who are impacted by water scarcity.

You can help us change that.

3 ways to support

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Adopt your own village | $65,000

Support the entire village, name it and visit it with us

Donate $25

 it costs $25 = to bring clean water to one person in Africa for life

Start a fundraising campaign

Open a campaign and fundraise for a village with friends

Our project cost

Solar Water pumping system

$65,000 to provide clean water to an entire village up to 10,000 people

Solar Energy

$20,000 to provide light and electricity to an entire school or a medical center

100% of your donation will go to the project costs

as our overhead is covered

Muyenjere Village



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In the village of Muyenjere, located in the Busia district of Uganda, a total of 3,291 residents currently depend on and use unsafe water. Women and girls, on average, walk 2 miles per day to collect water, exposing themselves to the risk of waterborne diseases. This situation not only poses health hazards but also fails to meet the community’s essential needs for cooking, washing, and agricultural activities.

Maziwa Health Center



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Maziwa Health Center, situated in the secluded Chemba district of Tanzania, offers medical care to more than 5,698 individuals. Innovation: Africa identified the Maziwa Health Center, which caters to over 25 patients around the clock. This health facility facilitates an average of 20 newborn deliveries monthly, with over half occurring in complete darkness at night. This scenario poses severe risks for patients, particularly pregnant women and newborns, as medical treatment without adequate lighting can result in serious complications and life-threatening risks.

Thank you for wanting to adopt a village for $65,000 and change lives forever.

100% of your donation will go directly to the village.

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Thank you for wanting to adopt this village for $65,000 and change their lives forever.

100% of your donation will go directly to this village.