100% of your donation will go toward bringing clean water and light to remote villages in Africa.

Our operating costs are covered by donors, which ensures that your contribution is entirely allocated to providing clean water.

More ways to give

Start a Fundraising Campaign

Launch a fundraising campaign with your friends to bring clean water and solar power to a village in need. Your support will help transform lives by providing access to basic amenities and sustainable energy sources.

Sponsor a water project

Sponsor a water project and transform a community by providing clean water. Experience the positive impact first-hand by visiting the community and witnessing the change.

$25 = One person with safe access to clean water

Support our mission to provide clean water for all. Let's make a positive impact by ensuring everyone has access to this basic need, transforming communities and preventing diseases.

Innovation: Africa brings Israeli solar and water technologies to remote African villages. With the help of generous people like you, we have provided over 4 million people across 10 African countries with access to clean water and light.

Sponsor a water project​

Provide a sustainable solution for clean water to an entire community, up to 10,000 people, with the gift of $65,000

Dedicate to Someone

Honor a special person by donating in their name, creating a lasting tribute that makes a meaningful and positive difference.

Give by Check or Wire

We also accept donations by check, money order, and wire transfer.

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Thank you for your support in the name of someone special. Your generosity will make a positive impact on many lives.

100% of your donation will go directly to the village.