We all want to make the world a bit brighter and we can. From hiking, swimming, selling lemonade and baking cookies, our campaigners have done incredible things to raise money for light and clean water. And today, you can too. With your energy, you will bring light to schools, refrigeration to medical clinics, provide food to malnourished people and pump clean water for children to drink for the first time. And all of it you will do with Israeli innovation.

Watch What You Can Do

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Step 1
Setting up your campaign takes seconds. Decide what to do. Pick a name. Upload a photo. And just like that, you’re ready to make an impact on the lives of thousands.
Step 2
Once you’ve completed your campaign page, now is the time to spread the word – like wildfire! From family and friends, to teachers and coaches, the more people you tell, the sooner you’ll transform the lives of people you touch. Now, watch the donations to light, clean water, refrigeration, food and more trickle in.
Step 3
All of the money you raised is immediately sent to the field upon finishing your campaign. You will know exactly which village, number of people, and how your money is transforming people’s realities. We will send your individual donor log-in to our Remote Monitoring Database, which allows you to see precisely the energy produced, energy consumed and water flow live from the field in real-time.
Fundraising should be fun. The sky is the limit and the ideas are endless. The impact is forever. Looking for some inspiration? We have you covered.

See how some of our campaigners left their mark on the world and meet those who have done it before. And even traveled to the village for the installation!

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