Innovation: Africa uses solar energy to pump clean water from underground aquifers. Our solar water pumping system is comprised of a 10-meter water tower equipped with solar panels, a 10,000-liter water tank, a solar-powered pump, and 8km of piping that reaches 10-15 water stations, located strategically throughout the village. Over 30,000 liters of water are pumped per day, impacting the lives of up to 10,000 people in each village.

Since 2008, Innovation: Africa’s local team of managers, engineers, and contractors have constructed over 1,000 solar water pumping systems, across 10 African countries.

Still today, over 450 million people across Africa do not have access to clean water.

Prior to Innovation: Africa’s Intervention

Over 10,000 local workers are engaged in the construction of solar water pumping systems.

Innovation: Africa has brought access to clean water to millions across Africa.

A donation of $25 will bringing clean water to a person for life. 100% of your donation will go toward the project.