innovation: africa

Sivan Ya'ari

Founder and CEO


Sivan Ya’ari is the founder and CEO of Innovation: Africa, a nonprofit that brings Israeli solar, agricultural and water technologies to African villages. She was born in Israel, raised in France, educated in the United States with degrees in Finance from Pace University and a masters in International Energy Management and Policy from Columbia University. Sivan has been working in Africa for over 20 years and over the past decade, using Israeli technologies, has brought clean water and light to over 2 million people across 10 African countries.


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iA Israel / USA

Michal Benari

Chief of Staff

Tara Shtauber

Africa Programs Manager

In House Engineer

Software Engineer


Country Director of Uganda & Malawi



Country Director of Tanzania & Zambia

Deputy Country Director of
South Africa and eSwatini

Deputy Country Director
for Tanzania and Zambia

Deputy Country Director
Uganda and Malawi

Country Director
South Africa & eSwatini

Country Director

of Cameroon & Senegal

Senior Civil Engineer


Chief Technology Officer


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Chief Financial Officer

Director of Communications

iA Uganda

Robert Khakhosi

Project Manager, Uganda

Sarah Gimono

Community Development
Field Officer, Uganda

Ibra Lemye

Agricultural Engineering
Field Officer, Uganda

Richard Mangali

Agriculture Development
Field Officer, Uganda

David Wangale

Lead Engineer, Uganda

Charles Losike

Field Officer, Uganda

Dennis Sserunkuma

Electrical Engineering
Field Officer, Uganda

Benedicto Loduk

Agricultural Development
Field Officer, Uganda

Boniface Okwir

Water Engineering Field Officer, Uganda

Ivan Nyende

Financial Officer, Uganda

Sprinter Mukebezi

Water Engineering
Field Officer, Uganda

Rogers Mugenyi

Program Manager

iA Tanzania

Lerian Moshi

Project Manager, Tanzania

Kelvin George

Field Officer, Tanzania

Edmund Msakwa

Field Officer, Tanzania

Remigius Nyoni

Civil Engineer, Tanzania

iA Malawi

Faith Kwalimba

Community Development
Field Officer, Malawi


Robert Nyasulu

Electrical Engineering
Field Officer, Malawi

Austin Rashid

Water Engineering
Field Officer, Malawi

Esther Mughogho

Program Manager, Malawi

Chisomo Taulo Nankhoma

Civil Engineering Field Officer, Malawi

iA Cameroon

Serge Mbaïnassem

Field Officer - Cameroon


Yanawa Bidai

In-House Electrical Engineer -

William Mepoubong

Water Engineering Field Officer - Cameroon

Foe Cherylle

Water Engineering Field Officer


iA South Africa

Abraham Ngobeni

Chief Operating Officer, South Africa

Rabelani Netshitongwe

Regional Supervisor- South Africa


Ninky Mkhabela

Field Officer - South Africa

Seun Mona

Regional Supervisor - South Africa

Thandeka Khosa

Field Officer - South Africa

Bonolo Shingange

Field Officer - South Africa

Maureen Patricia Machaba

Field Officer – South Africa

Princess Boitumelo Mokwana

Field Officer - South Africa

Mogau Seboladi Maboshego

Field Office - South Africa

Thembisile Naomi Malinga

Admin Officer - South Africa

Menzi Mawelela

Water Engineer - South Africa

iA Zambia

Pauline Phiri

Project Manager - Zambia

George Bush Komakech

Field Officer - Zambia

Timothy Banda

Field Officer - Zambia

John Kaluba

Field Hydrogeologist - Zambia

Anthony Simukanzye

Civil & Water Engineer - Zambia

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Lowell Dashefsky


Gary Felthun

South Africa

Janet Levy Pahima